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At Carbon Yachts, we’re more than just boat enthusiasts; we’re trendsetters in marine innovation with a track record to match. With a relentless commitment to innovation, our mission is not merely to meet standards but to set them. 
With a passion for Europe’s vanguard of nautical design, our selection of vessels stands out not merely for their style but their groundbreaking performance. We’re proud to provide Australia and New Zealand’s exclusive gateway to Saffier Yachts, Virtue Yachts, YYachts and Candela.
Every boat we introduce is a testament to our vision: to revolutionize yacht design and performance standards down under.

Saffier SE 33 Life – Easy Sailing On Pittwater

Join us at Carbon Yachts as we recount a memorable day on Pittwater with Joe and Bianca Aboard the Saffier SE 33 Life 'Azure' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jf8LNtBz-g See the Saffier 33 See the whole Saffier range 2022 European Yacht of The Year Club Marine TV...

Saffier SE 33 Life – Club Marine TV Boat Test

Join Mark Rothfield on Club Marine TV as he navigates the waters of Pittwater aboard the azure-hued Saffier SE 33 Life. An insightful video that takes viewers on a journey, showcasing the yacht’s exceptional capabilities and luxurious design.

Candela: Steering a New Course in Eco-Friendly Boating

Candela: Steering a New Course in Eco-Friendly Boating

While most seek thrills in sports cars or new hobbies during their mid-life, Gustav Hasselskog, the founder of Candela, chose a different path. His journey from a management career to revolutionizing eco-friendly boating is not just inspiring but a testament to innovation and determination.

"Virtue V10 first look: More than just another Scandi walkaround sportsboat"

Alex Smith – Motorboat & Yachting

"The Y7 from Michael Schmidt Yachtbau puts simplicity back into sailing without compromising on luxury"

Sam Fortescue – Ocean Magazine

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