Ultra-Light, Ultra-Efficient.

Lightweight and durabiltiy meet cutting edge design & Craftsmanship

Discover the pinnacle of dinghy innovation with ASTenders, exclusively for Carbon Yachts in Australia and New Zealand. Our range of carbon fibre tenders, available in sizes from 2.8m to 4m, redefine luxury and performance on water. ASTenders are celebrated for their lightweight composition, unparalleled strength, and exceptional durability, ensuring a seamless blend of form and function. With their remarkable balance and stability, these tenders promise an efficient, smooth sailing experience.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ASTenders embody refined craftsmanship and quality, boasting over a decade of engineering excellence made in Germany. These tenders are not just boats; they are a testament to advanced design and a modern approach to sustainable maritime travel. The option for electric propulsion underscores AST’s commitment to environmental stewardship, offering a green alternative without compromising on performance.

ASTenders stand out for their incredible handling and maneuverability, making every journey on the water a pleasure. The brand’s dedication to reducing carbon footprints and promoting eco-friendly practices is evident in their production process, which minimises pollution, energy consumption, and waste. Opting for ASTenders means choosing a product that is not only superior in design and performance but also aligned with a greener future.


280 Range


The ultimate lightweight companion

280 Jockey

Fun meets lightweight

340 Range


Lightweight meets luxury and sophisticated design

340 Side console

Practical luxury for the family

340 Jockey

Sleek, Light, Ready to Delight

340 revolve

Revolutionise Your Adventures

NEW 400 Range

400 Centre console

A new standard in luxury tenders

Key Information

Mitek Revolve: Cutting-Edge Electric Sterndrive Technology

Mitek Revolve: Cutting-Edge Electric Sterndrive Technology

In the quest for more sustainable, efficient, and convenient marine propulsion systems, Mitek’s Revolve outboard engine stands out as a beacon of innovation. Partnering with AST and Carbon Yachts to deliver this groundbreaking technology, Mitek has set a new standard in the realm of electric marine mobility.

From Passion to Innovation: Introducing The Founders of ASTenders

From Passion to Innovation: Introducing The Founders of ASTenders

The summer of 2017 marked a pivotal moment in sailing history, with the A-Class catamarans beginning to foil, a revolution led by Thilo Keller, CEO and co-founder of AST – Yachts & Composites. Thilo’s invention of the ACC – Automatic Cant Control system heralded a new era of stability and performance in sailing.

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