Saffier SC 6.50 Cruise


Easy short-handed sailing or entertainer

The Modern Classic
The Saffier Sc 6.50 Cruise is a unique classic daysailer with state of the art modern technology while still keeping the beautiful classic hull lines intact. With the large cockpit it is possible to sail with 6 persons in comfort.
The hull is the key to her seaworthiness. With a new keel shape, and the centre of gravity lower in the keel, Saffiers design team was able to reduce the weight by 20% since the original model.
Along with the new rudder and new rig she has much more performance, especially going upwind. The rig has a large mainsail and a self-tacking jib. Furthermore, she can easily be fitted out with a furling code zero sail. This provides a very effective way of getting more sail area downwind or on a reach and the handling is as simple as a furling jib.
With the new deck and cockpit, there is much more space and the seating is much more comfortable; it is also very easy for one person to control and sail alone sitting at the helm, which is a real benefit.
The Saffier SC 6.50 has many hidden details, such as integrated cup holders and boxes to store your halyards and control lines.
The SE6.50 is appealing to a broad range of people who are looking for a simple-to-sail open yacht, with beautiful lines and all the comfort and performance you expect from a modern daysailer.


Overall Length




Sail Area




Draft 0.95
Weight Keel 400 kg
Mainsail 13 m²
Self-Tacking Jib 8 m²
Code Zero 25 m²


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