AST 340 revolve 

Discover the AST 340 Revolve, a revolution in electric dinghy tenders crafted totally from carbon fibre for unmatched lightweight performance. This high-performance boat sets a new standard with its durable, efficient, and robust composite construction. Powered by a 15hp electric engine from Mitek, the 340 Revolve features an innovative sterndrive that can rotate on its axis, allowing for compact storage without compromising on power or performance. Its electric engine outperforms traditional electric jets in speed, range, and cost-efficiency, offering a range of 22.5nm at 25kn and 120nm at 3kn. The 340 Revolve’s rigid carbon construction surpasses any RIB in lightness, durability, and maintenance ease. Its optimised hull shape requires 35% less power, reducing emissions and enhancing performance. With extra buoyancy and waterproof compartments, it is unsinkable and offers more space than any tender in its class, including a large sunbathing area. Stable, easy to board, and with a high freeboard and deep V keel for dry, comfortable rides, the ASTender 340 Revolve is the perfect companion for your maritime adventures, redefining the future of electric marine mobility.


Overall Length




Max Speed

25 kts


120 NM



Internal Length 2.71m
Internal Width 0.96m
Capacity 5 Persons
Max Load 410kg
Shaft Short
CE Category C

Standard Inclusions

Rigid carbon hull
Helm console with seating bench and backrest for 2 & steering system
Cushions on console, bow locker and backrest
2 Transom platforms
Waterproof bow locker
Double bottom
6 handles
4 lifting points
3 towing points
Transom reinforcements
Retractable cleat
Extra thick rubber rail
Molded nonskid in cockpit and on gunwale
Large draining bung
Telescopic mini paddle


4 Side bags
Anchor package
Mooring package
KeelGuard with additional handles
Boarding ladder
Boarding pole
LED navigation lights
Davit lifting points
Hull reinforcement
Custom gel coat colour

What is the mitek revole?

The Revolve outboard engine, developed by Mitek and featured on the ASTender 340 Revolve, represents a significant leap forward in marine propulsion technology. This 100% electric sterndrive engine is designed to enhance convenience, efficiency, and environmental sustainability in marine mobility.

The Core Mechanism: Rotation on Its Own Axis

The Revolve outboard engine’s most distinguishing feature is its ability to rotate on its own axis. This innovative mechanism allows the engine to switch between ON mode, where the propeller is immersed in water and ready for action, and OFF mode, where the propeller is retracted, significantly reducing the engine’s footprint. This rotation is parallel to the axis, ensuring that transitioning from operational to storage mode, and vice versa, is seamless and efficient.


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Club Marine Magazine – June/July 2024

“Finally a company has given the humble yacht tender the attention it deserves, considering the vital role it plays in safely ferrying
people ashore or from boat to boat, with Germany’s ASTenders offering a range of carbonfibre models. ” Writes Mark Rothfield

Mitek Revolve: Cutting-Edge Electric Sterndrive Technology

Mitek Revolve: Cutting-Edge Electric Sterndrive Technology

In the quest for more sustainable, efficient, and convenient marine propulsion systems, Mitek’s Revolve outboard engine stands out as a beacon of innovation. Partnering with AST and Carbon Yachts to deliver this groundbreaking technology, Mitek has set a new standard in the realm of electric marine mobility.

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