Discover the extraordinary world of YYachts, where German craftsmanship and carbon technology combine to create sailing masterpieces that surpass all expectations. These sleek carbon boats are designed to offer a sailing experience that is both pure and invigorating, highlighting the essence of the sport. With their fast hull designs, cutting-edge materials, meticulous engineering, and impeccable craftsmanship, YYachts deliver exceptional performance, whether you’re indulging in occasional racing, leisurely cruises, or embarking on ambitious passages.
The YYachts philosophy centres around building lightweight sailing yachts that prioritize speed and simplicity.  Ranging from 70 to 100 feet in length, our carbon yachts offer the ultimate comfort of a luxury vessel. Developed by the world’s most talented architects, our designs showcase a seamless blend of form and function. As a German shipyard, YYachts prides themselves on delivering the highest quality, adhering to founder Michael Schmidts motto of “Keep it simple: It should look good and must sail nicely.”
Indulge in the purity of sailing with YYachts, where German craftsmanship, carbon technology, and distinguished design converge to redefine the boundaries of luxury yachting.


Best in class, 70 foot carbon yacht

Performance with simply beautiful design

The 90 foot flaghsip with superyacht proportions

Uniquely customised carbon superyachts

The new benchmark for high-end daysailers

Why YYachts?

Carbon Yachts co-founder Peter Hrones’ relationship with Michael Schmidt spans almost 30 years. With Hrones importing over 500 of Michaels Hanse Yachts into Australia and New Zealand over 15 years. Throughout that period, Hanse Yachts and Peter’s Windcraft experienced similar growth and success, with both businesses eventually being sold. In that time, Peter says:

“The thing I learnt from Michael most was keeping the construction, the build and the sailing simple,”

Naturally, Hrones and Schmidt have partnered again to bring yyachts to Asia-pacific


Latest YYachts News

Designing Success: Ocean Magazine Company Profile

Designing Success: Ocean Magazine Company Profile

Ocean Magazine – September 2023

Together with his wife Cath and sons Chris, Ben and Ollie, Peter Hrones is working on a new venture, Carbon Yachts, which sources iconic yachts with a focus on the future.

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