YYachts New Y8 Premieres at Palma Boat Show

YYachts New Y8 Premieres at Palma Boat Show

This year, the Palma International Boat Show featured the much anticipated premiere of the new YYachts Y8, a notable addition to the world of luxury sailing. Held April 25-28 2024, the show highlighted the latest trends and innovations in yacht design, with the Y8 drawing significant attention for its unique blend of style and functionality.

The Y8 is a result of a collaborative effort involving a top Spanish naval architect, a leading product designer, and a celebrated Danish interior designer. This team, together with YYachts’ in-house experts, has crafted a yacht that balances aesthetic appeal with practical utility.

YYachts’ philosophy of “Keep it simple” profoundly influences the design of the Y8, focusing on essential features while reducing overall weight. The interior offers the feel of a much larger yacht, thanks to intelligent design inspired by the furniture industry. Interior designer David Thulstrup added a touch of Scandinavian elegance and modern sophistication, making the space both welcoming and stylish.

Carbon Yachts sales manager Mary Bickley was in attendance in Palma. Here are a few insights from Mary:

“First impression going down below – it’s a work of art! Every item just draws you in admiration of the perfection of design and finish. The curves which started in the cockpit continue through out and are a real feature, creating softness in such a big space. Elegance, graciousness are words that sprung to mind. I wanted to touch and feel everything, the beautiful polished finish – the staircase and dining table alone  are worthy of an Art Exhibition. Extraordinary really, takes a long while to take it all in.”

“I thought l knew what to expect but seeing, touching, feeling the space, minimalism, beauty is an experience way beyond any brochure or website pictures.”

“At sea – 58 ft is the largest yacht l’ve ever been on so for me this was a superyacht. At times l counted 6 /7 people gathered around one wheel alone and they seemed a long way from where l was in the cockpit. The bow was in the distance…”

Mary at sea onboard the YYachts Y7

“I watched and heard a lot of first impressions – all summed up in one word – Wow! One walks around in awe. The simplicity and lack of ‘stuff’ was often commented on, it makes it easy to imagine sailing it because you can see clearly which lines/winches operate what.”

“Lined up next to the Y7 it made for a distinctive statement from YYachts. No one seeing them could forget them or confuse with any other brand, there is nothing like it.”

The development of the Y8 reflects YYachts’ commitment to incorporating client feedback into their designs. With a community of over 40 yacht owners, YYachts continually refines their models to ensure they meet the needs and exceed the expectations of their clientele.

The debut of the Y8 at the Palma International Boat Show 2024 marks another successful chapter for YYachts as they continue to lead in designing yachts that offer both luxury and functional simplicity.

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