AST 280 Jockey


Jockey Performance and practicality meet fun

The AST 280 Jockey combines high performance with elegance in a compact form. Measuring 2.80 meters in length and 1.53 meters in width and weighing only 45 kg, it’s designed for easy handling without compromising on durability. With a capacity for 4 passengers and a maximum load of 365 kg, this model has a rigid carbon hull, a helm console with two seats, and essential safety features like nonskid surfaces and transom reinforcements. Powered by up to a 10 HP engine, the AST 280 offers an array of standard and optional features, including LED navigation lights, EVA foam decking, and custom colour choices, making it a versatile choice for sailing enthusiasts seeking a blend of performance, safety, and style.


Overall Length




Max HP




Internal Length 2.01m
Internal Width 0.82m
Capacity 4 Persons
Max Load 365kg
Shaft Short
CE Category C

Standard Inclusions

Rigid carbon hull
Helm console with seating for 2 & steering system
Cushion on console
2 Transom platforms
Double bottom
6 handles
4 lifting points
3 towing points
Transom reinforcements
Retractable cleat
Extra thick rubber rail
Molded nonskid in cockpit and on gunwale
Large draining bung
Telescopic mini paddle


2 side bags
Anchor package
Mooring package
KeelGuard with additional handles
Beach wheels
EVA foam nonskid decking
LED navigation lights
Hull reinforcement
Custom gelcoat colour



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