Candela C-8 Electric Boat Smashes World Record, Covers 483 Miles In 24 Hours

It’s the longest distance travelled by an electric boat in 24 hours

As Australia’s exclusive dealer for Candela, Carbon Yachts are thrilled to spotlight the Candela C-8, a masterpiece that’s not only pioneering electric mobility at sea but is also smashing world records.

The Remarkable Journey

Candela’s C-8 made history recently by travelling an awe-inspiring 420 nautical miles in just 24 hours over the in-land waterways around Stockholm. To give it a local perspective, this groundbreaking distance is further than a journey from Sydney to Melbourne by water!

The foiling yacht covered 420 nautical miles in 24 hours.

Engineering Marvel

The magic behind this incredible performance lies in its revolutionary design and cutting-edge technology. Elevated above water with deployable hydrofoils, these wing-like structures minimize drag and enhance efficiency. Paired with dual counter-rotating propellers and a robust 69-kilowatt-hour Polestar battery pack (from the acclaimed Polestar 2 electric fastback), the C-8 is a beacon of innovation.

It’s not just about speed; the C-8 offers impressive stamina. Candela boasts a range of 66 miles on a single charge with a cruising speed of 23 mph. For their record-breaking run, the crew maintained impressive 45-minute intervals at a top speed of 31 mph between charges.

The Sustainability Edge

In a world increasingly conscious of its carbon footprint, the C-8 is a step ahead. The entire journey’s electricity cost stood at a mere $127, whereas a traditional fossil fuel-powered boat would have run up a bill of $1,483. Moreover, the conventional boat would have released around 3,935 pounds of carbon dioxide over the same distance. In contrast, the C-8 emitted a staggering 99% less, amounting to just 38.3 pounds, showcasing a significant leap towards sustainable maritime travel.

The C-8 stopped after each lap to juice up via a Plug charger.

A Glimpse into the Future

Candela’s CEO and founder, Gustav Hasselskog, emphasized the importance of this achievement, stating, “This feat shows that fast, electric waterborne transport over long distances is viable today, not a distant future.” Hasselskog also highlighted the potential of a DC charging network, envisioning a fully electrified marine transport system in areas like the Stockholm archipelago.

The world-record journey wasn’t just to make a statement; it was a demonstration of what’s feasible with today’s technology. With relatively simple charging stations like the Plug charger, combined with Northvolt’s Voltpack mobile battery system, we can revolutionize how we perceive long-distance marine transport.

The C-8 was charged for a total of 313 minutes on the record run.

What’s Next for Candela

The trailblazing doesn’t stop here. Candela is already envisioning a future with zero-emission dayboats, 30-person shuttles, and a 28-foot water taxi. With their current momentum, we’re excited to see what records their fleet will break next.

At Carbon Yachts, we’re proud to bring such revolutionary vessels to Australian shores. As the marine world gears up for a sustainable future, Candela’s C-8 is leading the charge, and we are excited to be part of this transformative journey.

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