From Passion to Innovation: Introducing The Founders of ASTenders

Carbon Yachts are excited to introduce ASTenders, a testament to innovation and dedication in the world of high-performance dinghies and tenders, now available in Australia and New Zealand. Behind this groundbreaking venture are the visionary founders Catarina Jentzsch and Thilo Keller, whose passion and expertise have carved a new path in maritime engineering and sustainability.

The Founders’ Voyage

The summer of 2017 marked a pivotal moment in sailing history, with the A-Class catamarans beginning to foil, a revolution led by Thilo Keller, CEO and co-founder of AST – Yachts & Composites. Thilo’s invention of the ACC – Automatic Cant Control system heralded a new era of stability and performance in sailing. With two decades of experience, 20 international titles, and a lifelong dedication to pushing the boundaries of sailing technology, Thilo’s journey from building his own boats out of necessity to founding AST reflects a blend of innovation and perseverance.

Catarina Jentzsch, co-founder and the other creative force behind AST, brought her expertise and vision to the partnership. Meeting Thilo during a university sailing regatta, their collaboration began with the design of a solid wing for the A-Class, showcasing their combined talents in engineering and design. Together, they embarked on a journey that leveraged their academic achievements and industry experience to reignite their passion for project-driven innovation.

Revolutionizing the Dinghy and Tender Market

AST’s foray into the marine industry began with a clear focus on high-performance boats and lightweight composite parts, showcasing their expertise with the launch of The Foiling Dinghy. This single-handed dinghy, equipped with technology derived from A-Class racing, aimed to make foiling accessible to a broader audience. Its success laid the groundwork for the ASTender, a carbon tender that carries the legacy of AST’s racing yachts into the realm of dinghies and tenders.

Sustainability at the Helm

At ASTenders, the commitment to environmental stewardship is paramount. The design of the ASTender prioritizes efficiency, requiring minimal power and fuel, and is perfectly suited for electric propulsion systems. This philosophy extends to every aspect of production, from minimizing waste and energy consumption to employing renewable materials and cutting-edge manufacturing processes that significantly reduce emissions.

Charting the Course Forward

With the introduction of ASTenders to the Australian and New Zealand markets, we are not just offering an innovative product but also championing a sustainable future in maritime recreation. AST’s upcoming expansions, including two more models in the ASTender range for 2024, signal an exciting future for enthusiasts and the environment alike.

Our Role in Their Journey

As the official representatives of ASTenders in Australia and New Zealand, we are proud to support Catarina and Thilo’s vision. Their commitment to innovation, performance, and sustainability mirrors our values, and we are excited to bring their exceptional dinghies and tenders to our waters.

Join us in welcoming ASTenders, where every product is a reflection of mastery, innovation, and a deep respect for our oceans. Stay tuned for the latest from ASTenders, as we continue to redefine the standards of performance and environmental responsibility in the maritime world.

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