Australia’s First Electric Boat Fast Charger Powers Up at The Quays Marina

Leading the Charge in Sustainable Boating

The boating industry is undeniably undergoing a significant evolution, thanks to the concerted efforts towards sustainable practices and technologies. Leading this charge in Australia is Seavolt, which has proudly installed the nation’s first electric boat fast charger at The Quays Marina in Church Point. This location is notably home to our Carbon Yachts Pittwater office, placing us at the very heart of this eco-revolution.

A Wave of Change at Church Point
The Quays Marina, renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities, has always been a hub for boating enthusiasts. With the addition of Seavolt’s electric boat fast charger it cements its position as a forward-thinking and environmentally conscious establishment. Boating enthusiasts can now dock, recharge, and set sail again within a minimal timeframe, all while embracing a green mode of power.

Carbon Yachts: Pioneering Electric Ranges
At Carbon Yachts, our commitment to sustainability and innovation is evident in our selection of electric boats. We are proud to offer an expansive electric range that caters to diverse needs while ensuring an uncompromised boating experience.

Candela: Pushing the boundaries of design and technology, Candela’s electric boats exemplify luxury combined with sustainability. Their hydrofoil technology ensures a smooth ride while maximizing energy efficiency. Read more about Candela’s record-breaking trip

The Award-winning Virtue V10 with Evoy Electric Outboards: Merging power with sustainability, the Virtue V10, when paired with Evoy’s cutting-edge electric outboards, ensures long durations out at sea with a minimal carbon footprint.

Saffier Yachts: Saffier has been at the forefront of the electric boating industry, offering electric drive options across all its models. A notable mention is the Saffier 24. This model not only boasts an electric drive as its standard but has also recently clinched the title of Dutch Boat of the Year 2023. Further showcasing its excellence, the Saffier 24 has been nominated for European Yacht of the Year 2024. A testament to its superior design and commitment to sustainability.

A Bright Horizon for Electric Boating
With Seavolt’s installation and Carbon Yachts’ electric range, we are not just witnessing a transformation; we are actively participating in it. The boating industry is setting a new course, one that values sustainability as much as the joy of sailing. As more marinas across Australia adopt similar technologies and more manufacturers pivot towards eco-friendly options, we can look forward to cleaner waters and bluer skies.

For those docked at Church Point or considering a visit, drop by our Pittwater office. Let’s discuss how you can be a part of this green revolution and sail into a sustainable future.

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