Candela C-8 Wins Gold Medal in Prestigious German Design Awards

In Excellent Product Design: Aviation, Maritime and Railway Category

We’re thrilled to announce that the Candela C-8 has been honored with a prestigious award for its groundbreaking innovation in marine technology. This recognition highlights the exceptional engineering and design that make the C-8 a leader in sustainable boating.

The Candela C-8 sets a new standard in energy efficiency with its advanced hydrofoil system. These underwater wings enable the boat to use 80% less energy than conventional boats at high speeds, providing a range 2-3 times longer than other electric boats. At cruising speeds of 22 knots, the C-8 offers a whisper-quiet and smooth ride, even in waves, thanks to its active control system that compensates for wind and wave action.

In addition to its remarkable efficiency, the C-8 is 95% cheaper to run than traditional diesel boats and eliminates harmful wakes, ensuring a better experience for both passengers and the environment.

The jury praised the Candela C-8 for its elegance and innovation, noting that the hydrofoils allow the hull to lift gracefully out of the water at higher speeds. This design not only provides a smoother glide but also significantly extends the boat’s range by conserving energy.

The Candela C-8 is a testament to the future of boating—sustainable, efficient, and designed for the ultimate experience at sea.

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