Candela C-8 – Boat Sales Australia Video Review

Feann Torr from Boatsales, traveled to Sweden to review the Candela C-8

Feann Torr, a journalist from Boatsales Australia, recently traveled to Stockholm to review the Candela C-8, an innovative electric foiling boat that represents a significant advancement in marine technology. Distributed in Australia by Carbon Yachts, the Candela C-8 offers a glimpse into the future of boating, with its ability to rise above the water on foils, providing a uniquely smooth and efficient ride.

The C-8’s design features include a lightweight, vacuum-infused carbonfibre composite hull and an electric pod drive that enhances its aerodynamic efficiency. Torr’s testing in the calm yet icy conditions of Stockholm Harbour showcased the boat’s ease of control and stability, even at higher speeds when the hydrofoils take effect. Inside, the C-8 boasts a minimalist yet functional layout, with advanced electronic integrations that promise a futuristic boating experience.

This electric dayboat not only pushes the boundaries of design and performance but also offers the potential for a new kind of boating experience in Australian waters. With its sleek design and eco-friendly technology, the Candela C-8 is set to attract both traditional boating enthusiasts and a new audience looking for cutting-edge technology and sustainability.

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