Candela C8 Test Flight at Cannes Yachting Festival 2023

Joe and Rowan Take You With Them on their First Flying Boat Experience

Embark on a thrilling nautical adventure with Carbon Yachts’ latest YouTube video! Our enthusiastic hosts, Joe and Rowan, bring you with them on an exclusive Candela C8 test flight at the 2023 Cannes Yachting Festival, where the electric marvel dazzles against the backdrop of Cannes’ azure waters, the C8 not only demonstrates its elegance and prowess but also solidifies its status as the European Boat of the Year 2023.

Dive into the flight experience in Cannes as our presenters, Joe and Rowan, guide you through the electrifying details of this award-winning boat. From the gentle whispers of its electric motor to the awe-inspiring sensation of effortlessly gliding above the Mediterranean, the Candela C8 represents the epitome of nautical excellence and innovation.

As Australia’s exclusive distributor for Candela, Carbon Yachts is at the forefront of introducing this wave of electrifying maritime innovation down under. The Candela C8 is available in various configurations to suit every seafarer’s desire: The Day Cruiser (as spotlighted in our Cannes video), The Hard-Top, The Centre Console, The T-Top, and the exquisite Limited Edition Polestar.

The C8 isn’t just about style and sophistication; it’s a beacon of sustainability. It recently achieved an extraordinary milestone by travelling a whopping 483 miles within 24 hours on electric power alone. This record-breaking journey was facilitated by the use of specialized fast chargers for boats. In sync with this groundbreaking development, Australia’s first fast charger for boats has been proudly installed at the Quays Marina in Church Point, Sydney, adjacent to Carbon Yachts’ Pittwater office.

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