Virtue V10 T-Top – Club Marine TV Boat Test

Dom Wiseman from Club Marine TV Joined us in Sydney Harbour to run the Virtue V10 through its paces

Join us as Dom Wiseman guides us through the Virtue V10 T-Top, offering valuable insights into its features and performance that every yacht enthusiast will appreciate.

In this insightful review, Dom explores the innovative design features of the V10, including its unique multi-positional aft seating and fold-down side platforms, which expand the boat’s space and functionality beyond its size class.

Dom also highlights the V10’s impressive wet bar/kitchenette, complete with dual fridge/freezers, providing ample space for food and drink prep. He takes a closer look at the race car-style helm, adding a touch of sporty elegance to the vessel’s design.

Of particular note is the utilization of the patented Petestep hull, a separate design integrated by Virtue to enhance efficiency and performance. Dom’s expert analysis sheds light on how this technology elevates the V10’s capabilities on the water.

And for those seeking comfort below deck, Dom explores the well-appointed cabin, featuring a double bed and separate toilet/day head.

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