Saffier SE 33 European Yacht of the Year 2022

Best yachts of the year – Special yacht

The Oscars of the boatbuilding world, the European Yacht of the Year 2022, have been announced. Eyachts are thrilled that within a week of announcing that Saffier Yachts is joining our portfolio the SE33 Life has been awarded top of the ranks.

Toby Hodges, Yachting World write up…

Saffier is another yard that will not rest on its laurels and keeps improving and improving. Just when you think it’s found the perfect daysailer formula, it adds more and more refinement, from the design to the first-class finish throughout.

The SE33 is an absolute joy to sail (and can provide a thrilling ride too), while the Dutch yard’s incredible sales figures bear witness to its looks and functionality.

It’s really saying something when a yard can win the same prize in back to back years for a similar product. Chairman of the jury, Jochen Rieker from Yacht explains: “Following-up from the previous year winner, SE 27, the 33 not only follows a proven concept. She actually beats the high standards the yard has established.

In other words: She is not just bigger but that extra little better in any respect that there simply was no other choice than awarding the Dutch design again. And rightly so: stunning performance, great feel, loads of stability, beautiful lines and an interior that wants you to stay longer than just for a day or so. Simply, absolutely, crazy wow!”

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