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Saffier SE 33 Life

Saffier SE 33 Life – Club Marine TV Boat Test

Join Mark Rothfield on Club Marine TV as he navigates the waters of Pittwater aboard the azure-hued Saffier SE 33 Life. An insightful video that takes viewers on a journey, showcasing the yacht’s exceptional capabilities and luxurious design.

Saffier 33 and 37 – sunny afternoon sailing

Join us on a sunny winter's afternoon in Pittwater as the newly arrived Saffier 33 SE Lounge and Saffier 37 SE Life enjoy their shakedown sails side-by-side. With unparalleled comfort and ease of handling, the two Saffiers...

Saffier SE 33 European Yacht of the Year 2022

Saffier SE 33 European Yacht of the Year 2022

Best yachts of the year – Special yacht The Oscars of the boatbuilding world, the European Yacht of the Year 2022, have been announced. Eyachts are thrilled that within a week of announcing that Saffier Yachts is joining our portfolio the SE33 Life has been awarded...

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